Zeiss and Tal Optic celebrates 100 years of exellance with new generation of Zeiss lensses

Zeiss and Tal Optics celebrate 100 years of excellence with a new generation of Zeiss lenses. The new generation of multifocal lenses by Zeiss breaks a record, setting new standards in technology, quality and precision.
The individual lenses allow a precise personal fit, featuring quick adaptation, maximum comfort, superb Free Form technology, natural vision and more.
Tal Optics standards of uncompromising quality combined with experience and professionalism, offer you the ultimate solution. There is absolutely no reason to settle for less!

abudi_aboutZeiss – did you know?

  • Ziess is world’s leading optical company
  • Every second at least two people in the world buy Zeiss lenses
  • Over 200 million people use Zeiss lenses
  • Zeiss has been producing microscopes for a variety of medical purposes since 1847
  • Zeiss has been supplying lenses to world’s leading camera manufacturers since 1889
  • Apollo 11 spacecraft that landed on the moon was equipped with Zeiss lenses
  • Zeiss has produces world’s largest telescope lens, measuring over 10 meters in diameter
  • Google Earth satellites are equipped with Zeiss lenses